Our island resembles a patchwork quilt. Here is why we need help repairing it!

In protecting nature, we are protecting ourselves.

Since 1979, Island Nature Trust continues to secure a network of protected natural areas across PEI to benefit both Islanders and wildlife.

We know how important nature is for sustaining our quality of life. Yet, a birds-eye view of our Island reveals to us a fragmented landscape and a place where nature is divided.

With growing threats to nature and the environment, we need to bring the remaining untouched patches into protection and, through conservation efforts, mend the ones that have the potential to combat the effects of climate change.

Our security blanket is nature, but it must be looked after so it can continue to protect us.

Help us repair this patchwork quilt to secure a resilient, life-sustaining natural home that we can hand down to future generations.

Patching up: Three ways you can give back to nature

Donate your ecologically
important land for Island
Nature Trust to protect in

Donate cash to support post-storm recovery of ‘the Island’s security blanket’ – our natural areas.

Donate cash to help us acquire natural areas on PEI and our partners will triple your contribution.

Revealed: Lands Protected Thanks To Your Cash Donations

Wildlife Saved

Learn how past donations have contributed to Island conservation
in the INT 2021-2022 Impact Report.

Past Successes

Funds raised in 2021 enabled INT to acquire natural areas in Bangor, Miscouche. Corraville and Alexandra. To top it off, INT has secured 2175 acres this year. Over a twelve-month period this is the largest amount of ecologically sensitive land secured by the Trust in its 40-year history.

Seed Tree Sponsorship

Seed Trees in the Wabanaki-Acadian forest are elder trees highly regarded for their important seed-producing abilities. Elder trees provide an anchor for the diverse structure of the many-sized trees in their communities.

Learn how sponsorship of an INT Seed Tree will ensure these forest matriarchs continue to deliver their life-giving seed to diverse ecosystems in our natural areas across the Island.

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