Prince Edward Island, or Epekwitk in Mi’kmaq (meaning “lying in the water”), is a small sandstone gem at the edge of the Atlantic. It is the smallest Canadian province and also the most densely populated. Often likened to a patchwork quilt, PEI has a gently rolling landscape of fields and forests, with fingers of small, spring-fed cold-water brooks everywhere, feeding rich coastal bays.

Islanders cherish the natural beauty of their green and red home; it is Island Nature Trust’s home too. We are the Island’s first and oldest private land trust, working since 1979 to protect land in PEI and manage it responsibly. We believe we need to retain some land as undeveloped, for its intrinsic and wildlife values, but also to provide the natural services Islanders depend on for clean water, clean air and a livable environment.

PEI’s population is growing and our rural landscapes are under increased pressure from residential development, resource use and climate change. Now more than ever there is a great need for Islanders to work together to protect the natural assets we love while ensuring we support a sustainable way of life for Islanders. Island Nature Trust invites you to join us in working to protect the Island’s natural spaces, both for our children and the diversity of wildlife that live here.

Our Mandate


Island Nature Trust is a non-government, not-for-profit organization dedicated to protection and management of Natural Areas on Prince Edward Island (Canada). We acquire lands to be held in trust for future generations, manage these lands as an example of appropriate and sustained use, and help private owners voluntarily protect their lands. We work with government and private landowners to create a true natural areas network on Prince Edward Island, consisting of core protected areas connected by corridors.


To create a legacy of natural areas and wildlife habitats for future generations.


We envision a network of protected natural areas across PEI, sustained by the love and generosity of Islanders today for the enjoyment of Islanders and wildlife tomorrow.


The Island Nature Trust’s (the Trust) success is contingent on working with willing landowners and like-minded partners. Our organization does not have an enforcement role, nor does it have authority in private property matters.  

The focus and priority of the board and staff is our stated mission to create a legacy of natural areas and wildlife habitats for future generations. The Trust is unwavering in its commitment to the establishment and protection of the province’s ecosystems for the benefit of all Islanders. We accomplish this through the acquisition (either by purchase, donation or a combination of) and stewardship of natural areas, the promotion of private land protection, species at risk monitoring, and education and outreach activities.   

Our organization has pursued coastal ecosystem protection through several endeavours including our species at risk programs, shoreline restoration and conservation activities, and with specific land acquisitions.  

Although many of our activities are not the subject of public discourse, we do work with federal and provincial governments, like-minded organizations, and funding partners to encourage policy, programs, and legislation to prevent environmental damage and to ensure the shore, wetlands, and forests remain healthy and resilient.  

The Trust will continue to work to acquire land to create a legacy for future generations, and we will continue to engage in conversations with all stakeholders to ensure that we have natural areas to protect. 


Island Nature Trust is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who provide the strategic direction and priorities for the organization. The work on the ground is completed by dedicated and professional staff along with superb volunteer guardians.

Our work is founded upon and guided by the following core values:

  1. Care and responsibility for the land: We are committed to environmentally and socially responsible management of natural areas in PEI
  2. Integrity and respect: We are dedicated to integrity and respect in all dealings with staff, members, clients and partners
  3. Excellence: We are a professional, science-based, strategic-minded organization that is committed to excellence, efficiency and safety in all activities
  4. Collaborative: We work in good faith to achieve common goals through discussion and cooperation. Our approach to decision-making is transparent, consultative and fiscally responsible

Island Nature Trust’s constitution, bylaws and governance policy: