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What Does It Mean to Invest in Nature?

Investing in nature means actively contributing to the protection and conservation of Prince Edward Island’s natural treasures. Your support not only strengthens the roots of our conservation efforts – it allows INT to acquire a network of natural areas – ensuring the long-term sustainability of our island’s biodiversity.

Ways To Give

Whether you’re an individual who wants to make a financial commitment or a landowner looking to protect your ecologically important piece of PEI, Invest in Nature and be a part of the conservation solution. Your contribution is a vital piece of the puzzle that ensures the long-term health of Prince Edward Island’s natural beauty.

Financial Contributions

Make a cash donation to Island Nature Trust. Learn how your contribution can make a significant impact on acquiring and stewarding a network of the island’s natural areas.

Giving Land

Understand the value of land donations and their role in protecting ecologically important areas in perpetuity. Get insights into how your land donation can become an enduring legacy for nature conservation.

Seed Tree Sponsorship

Learn about the Seed Tree Initiative and how individuals and corporations can support land stewardship and conservation by sponsoring a seed tree. Follow the journey of a seed tree’s growth and understand its positive impact on the island.

Legacy Giving

Discover the concept of legacy giving, a way to provide lasting support to Island Nature Trust’s mission. Explore stories of legacy donors and understand how you can create a meaningful and enduring impact.

Invest In Nature: Impact Stories


We all share a unique connection to nature, and our supporters express it in diverse ways.
They are our Champions of Nature, coming from various backgrounds – from hands-on volunteers to
digital advocates, creative fundraisers, and generous donors.

Are you passionate about hands-on conservation efforts or getting directly involved in nature protection?

Are you interested in supporting nature through financial contributions or potentially donating land for long-term protection?

Are you an artisan or entrepreneur and enjoy using your creativity to raise funds for nature conservation?

Do you love using your voice to raise awareness and advocate for environmental causes in your community?

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