Strengthening Conservation Through Collaboration

INT’s Vital Nonprofit Partnerships

Conservation is a collective effort that requires collaboration and active participation from various organizations and individuals. Island Nature Trust (INT) recognizes the importance of forging partnerships with like-minded organizations to achieve its mission of protecting Prince Edward Island’s natural heritage. These partnerships extend beyond shared goals; they represent a shared commitment to conservation and the collective responsibility we hold to safeguard our environment. By engaging with these organizations and amplifying their efforts on social media, individuals can play a vital role in advocating for nature and supporting INT’s conservation initiatives. Don’t forget to like, follow, and share content from these organizations on social media, and inform yourself by visiting their websites to stay updated on their latest initiatives and opportunities for involvement.

Abegweit Conservation Society: With a focus on indigenous-led conservation efforts, Abegweit Conservation Society collaborates with INT to conserve and protect the natural heritage of Prince Edward Island.

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Community Forests International: Dedicated to community-led forestry initiatives, @forestsinternational empowers local communities to sustainably manage and protect forested areas. Their collaborative approach aligns closely with INT’s goals of promoting forest conservation and community engagement. By supporting community-based forestry projects, Community Forests International contributes to the long-term stewardship of forest ecosystems on Prince Edward Island and beyond.


Ducks Unlimited: Focused on conserving vital habitats for waterfowl and other species, @DUCAtlanticCanada plays a crucial role in safeguarding wetlands. Their expertise and resources complement INT’s efforts in wetland conservation.


Environmental Coalition of PEI – Eco PEI: Eco PEI works towards environmental sustainability and advocates for conservation efforts in Prince Edward Island. Collaborating with INT strengthens the collective impact on environmental issues.

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Forest Fish and Wildlife Division, PEI Department of Environment, Energy and Climate Action: This provincial government division plays a critical role in managing and conserving PEI’s forests, fish, and wildlife resources. Collaboration with INT enhances efforts to protect biodiversity and promote sustainable resource management.

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L’Nuey: Focusing on Indigenous-led conservation, L’Nuey collaborates with INT to protect and preserve the natural landscapes of Prince Edward Island, honouring Indigenous knowledge and practices in environmental stewardship.

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MacPhail Woods: A nonprofit organization dedicated to forest restoration and education, @MacPhailWoods aligns closely with INT’s goals of protecting and restoring forest ecosystems. Their partnership strengthens efforts in sustainable forest management and biodiversity conservation.


Mi’kmaq Confederacy of PEI: As representatives of the Mi’kmaq people on Prince Edward Island, the Mi’kmaq Confederacy of PEI plays a crucial role in protecting Indigenous rights and promoting environmental stewardship. Collaboration with INT supports efforts to integrate Indigenous perspectives and practices into conservation initiatives.

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Nature Conservancy Canada (PEI chapter): Dedicated to protecting natural habitats, @NCC_CNC shares INT’s commitment to conservation. Their collaboration facilitates the acquisition of ecologically significant lands, expanding the protected areas network on the Island.


Nature PEI: Promoting the appreciation and understanding of PEI’s natural heritage, @NaturePEI enhances public engagement and fosters a deeper connection with nature among Islanders. Collaborating with INT amplifies conservation efforts and encourages community involvement.


Parks Canada: Managing national parks and historic sites @ParksCanada shares INT’s goal of conserving natural and cultural heritage. Collaboration facilitates the exchange of expertise and resources, contributing to broader conservation initiatives.


PEI Invasive Species Council: Combatting invasive species is integral to protecting native biodiversity. INT collaborates with @peiinvasives to implement invasive species management strategies helping to mitigate the threats posed to PEI’s ecosystems.


PEI Watershed Alliance & Watershed Groups: With a mission to protect and enhance the Island’s watersheds, @PEIWatershed provides valuable support in managing water resources sustainably. Collaborating with INT strengthens efforts to conserve riparian zones and maintain water quality. There are 25 community-based watershed groups on the Island working on their local wildlife habitats.

View them all here:

Watershed Groups


In the pursuit of safeguarding Prince Edward Island’s natural landscapes and biodiversity, Island Nature Trust recognizes the indispensable role of collaboration with various conservation partners. These partnerships are instrumental in advancing INT’s mission and ensuring the protection of the Island’s precious ecosystems.

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