Nature’s Social Media Advocates: Amplifying Conservation Efforts with Island Nature Trust

Conservation isn’t solely the responsibility of organizations or governments; individuals hold immense power to drive change, especially in the digital era. Social media platforms serve as potent tools to amplify voices and advocate for crucial causes like environmental conservation. Here’s how you, as an individual, can leverage your social media channels to support Island Nature Trust and contribute to conservation efforts:

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Strengthening Conservation Through Collaboration

INT’s Vital Nonprofit Partnerships

Conservation is a collective effort that requires collaboration and active participation from various organizations and individuals. Island Nature Trust (INT) recognizes the importance of forging partnerships with like-minded organizations to achieve its mission of protecting Prince Edward Island’s natural heritage. These partnerships extend beyond shared goals; they represent a shared commitment to conservation and the collective responsibility we hold to safeguard our environment. By engaging with these organizations and amplifying their efforts on social media, individuals can play a vital role in advocating for nature and supporting INT’s conservation initiatives. Don’t forget to like, follow, and share content from these organizations on social media, and inform yourself by visiting their websites to stay updated on their latest initiatives and opportunities for involvement. Join the conversation and Be Outspoken for Nature today!

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Announcing the Trust’s first Honorary Patron

An interview with Lieutenant Governor of Prince Edward Island: Antoinette Perry

By Ben Russell – Communications Manager

The Lieutenant Governor of Prince Edward Island Antoinette Perry is a respected educator from Tignish and a proud Acadian. Before her retirement from teaching in 2009, she enjoyed a distinguished 32-year career at Tignish Consolidated Elementary School where she taught Music and French. She serves as an organist and church choir director at St. Simon and St. Jude Parish and as a co-coordinator of the Parish’s Summer Organ Recital Series.

Becoming an honorary patron to Island Nature Trust made perfect sense to the Honourable Antoinette Perry. She recalls that from a young age ‘environmental consciousness’ was instilled in her while growing up in a small Tignish community. There she was exposed to a sentiment that resonates with her to this day – to respect each other and the environment we live in.

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Indigenous Knowledge: The Key to Conservation for PEI

Abegweit or Epekwitk / Prince Edward Island has been afflicted by climate change for centuries by mismanagement of land and resources, as have many other Islands in the world.  

With rising sea level, inadequate provincial adaptive measures, and 90% of the land on Epekwitk being privately owned, the ill-effects on the land are hard to ignore. It is up to the Province, the Abegweit Mi’kmaq First Nations, and small conservation groups like Island Nature Trust and watershed groups on Epekwitk, to not only conserve, but to sustain the biodiversity on this unique land.   

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