Report a Violation to a Government Conservation Officer

Conservation officers patrol Island highways, seashores, farmlands, and wildlife areas to preserve and protect the province’s wildlife and natural environment. 

Piping Plover: Species-at-Risk

What violations are reported to a conservation officer?

If you see people, pets or vehicles disturbing Piping Plovers or their nests. You can also report incidents of poaching, illegal dumping or tips on illegal activity related to wildlife and the environment to a conservation officer. Remember: Call 911 to report a fire, report a crime or save a life. To report a marine pollution incident, call the Canadian Coast Guard at 1-800-565-1633.

What information do I need to provide when reporting an incident?

If you report a violation online, you can provide:

  • Contact Information (optional);
  • Where you saw the violation;
  • When you saw the violation;
  • Any additional information about the suspect (description, vehicle information).

If you choose to provide your name and contact information, your personal information will only be given to a Conservation Officer and will only used for the purposes of investigation. If you provide your contact information a Conservation Officer may follow-up with you if more information is required and/or when the investigation is complete. Providing your contact information increases the chance of successful prosecution. 

Conservation Officers will also respond to tips through Crime Stoppers(link is external) if you wish to remain fully anonymous. 

How can I report an environmental incident to a conservation officer?

You can call 902-368-4884 to report an incident any time.

During regular office hours, you can also contact a Conservation officer in your area at:

Office Location Phone Number
Charlottetown(902) 368-4884
Montague(902) 838-0600
Queens County(902) 368-4884
Souris (902) 687-7000
Wellington (902) 854-7250

Did you know? 75% of investigations by conservation officers into environmental matters are in response to public complaints.