‘If I Could Hug an Island’: The Song That Mends Hearts and Helps Heal the Island

In the aftermath of post-tropical storm Fiona’s devastating impact on Prince Edward Island, Island singer-songwriter Noah Malcolm found a powerful way to channel his feelings of grief and helplessness into a beautiful composition. His heartwarming song, ‘If I Could Hug an Island,’ has resonated deeply with Islanders, offering comfort and warmth during a challenging time.

Creativity knows no bounds, and in this segment, Be Creative for Nature, we explore how imaginative minds like Noah Malcolm’s are making a profound difference in the world of conservation. By utilizing their creative talents, artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs are not only crafting beautiful works but also contributing to the protection of nature.

Noah Malcolm’s initiative is a remarkable example of how the artistic realm intersects with the conservation world. ‘If I Could Hug an Island’ stands as a tribute to Prince Edward Island’s enduring spirit and a testament to the healing power of art and community support. In this interview, we delve into Noah’s inspiration, his hopes for the song, and his commitment to support Island Nature Trust’s conservation work through its release.

Q1: Can you tell us about the inspiration behind ‘If I Could Hug an Island’?

I wrote the song a few days after Fiona struck. I still remember the overwhelming grief we all felt as the images of the devastation began pouring in—dunes, forests, and the profound loss. Despite feeling helpless, I realized that I have the power to write songs. So, sitting in my apartment, I started crafting this song with a heartfelt desire to convey my love for the Island.

Q2: Can you share your Fiona experience?

My experience during Fiona wasn’t as severe as many others. I live downtown, so I had power back relatively quickly. But my family in St. Peters didn’t have power for nearly two weeks. A vivid memory is me walking in the pitch-black Charlottetown trying to find my friend at 1 a.m. with just a BBQ lighter because my phone had died. It wasn’t as bad for me, but I deeply felt the island’s pain.

Q3: When you performed the song at the Festival of Small Halls, the audience’s response was remarkable. Can you describe how it felt to see people connect with your song?

It was a transformative experience when, for the first time, I taught the lyrics to the audience. I had envisioned it as a song that people could sing with me, and it became a reality. Four hundred people sang along that night at Zion, and it was an unforgettable moment. The overwhelming response inspired me to record the song.

Q4: What do you hope people take away from ‘If I Could Hug an Island’?

I hope the song provides comfort and connection to the Island and its people, especially those who experienced Fiona. Ideally, it becomes part of the island’s cultural fabric, resonating with Islanders for years to come. I want people to feel something when they hear it, a connection to the island and its enduring spirit.

Q5: You’ve chosen to use the song’s release to raise funds for Island Nature Trust. Can you tell us more about that initiative?

The song was released on the one-year anniversary of Fiona, and all proceeds from its downloads are directed to INT who have been doing incredible work post-Fiona. I think as individuals, it’s easy to feel like we can’t take up space or enact change. But we see time and time again, in every global issue, that when people come together as a collective, there’s power in numbers. No donation or action is too small. And when it comes to the environment, we are dealing with finite resources. It’s in everyone’s best interest to help protect and conserve what we have.  You can download the song from my Bandcamp page, and it’s a ‘pay what you can’ model. If you wish to contribute more than the song’s base price, it becomes a donation to Island Nature Trust.

Q6: As a creative artist, how do you view the role of art and creativity in raising awareness and support for environmental causes like Island Nature Trust’s mission?

I believe people connect to things more when it’s presented in an artistic way. I think if an artist has an opportunity to make even a small difference through their art, they should try and do so. I saw the response to my song on social media and received so many messages about the emotional impact it was making, so I wanted to see if that emotion could be directed to tangible action.  Noah Malcolm’s emotional song ‘If I Could Hug an Island’ has offering solace to the island and its people during a challenging time. The song stands as a tribute to Prince Edward Island’s enduring spirit and a testament to the healing power of art and community support. Buy a digital track of Noah’s song for $2 with all proceeds going to Island Nature Trust to carry out vital stewardship in our protected natural areas across the Island.

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