Advocating for Nature with the Island’s online communities

As Island Nature Trust’s Content Specialist, spreading the news about our events and updates is crucial to create awareness and hopefully encourage our community to advocate for nature. One effective way we do this is by sharing our news on local Facebook groups. This helps us inform people about important updates, conservation efforts, and upcoming events. It also allows members of our community to interact with our content and show support for our work.

This approach isn’t exclusive to us; any organization can use it to boost engagement organically. By actively participating in these groups, it has helped us increase attendance at our events and grow the numbers of people we reach and engage with our social media content. To increase our outreach, we collaborate with other vital organizations in our community, such as platforms like the Buzz community events’ board, have proven to be successful in ensuring our events gain visibility within the community. As the go-to guide for what’s happening on PEI, they’ve helped us reach a broader audience and foster a sense of community engagement.

“Over the last three decades, The Buzz has really become a staple of the Island diet — as a way for people and communities to connect, for all the talented and creative folks to promote themselves to both locals and visitors and for businesses to get their messaging out to tens of thousands of readers every month.

“New Buzz Day” is in itself a monthly cultural event on PEI.”

Yanik Richards,

The Buzz PEI

Additionally, the Community Sector Network of PEI have helped us amplify our message by featuring our news and events in their newsletter and website, aligning with their mission of developing an empowered community sector using its collective voice for change.

Moreover, we greatly appreciate the support from the Island Studies newsletter, which consistently shares our goals, updates, and events through their channels. Their collaboration allows us to extend our reach and connect with more people who are passionate about PEI and share a deep connection to our Island.

CSNPEI was formed to strengthen and promote PEI’s community sector. It aims to raise awareness about the sector’s importance, foster collaboration among members, advocate for its needs, and ensure access to necessary resources.”

The community sector refers to a range of organizations, groups, and initiatives that work to address social, cultural, economic, and environmental issues. These organizations and groups may be nonprofits, charities, social enterprises, community development organizations, advocacy groups, and volunteer organizations.

Alexia Riche,

The Community Sector Network of PEI

Through these resources, we’ve strengthened our ability to spread awareness, build community connections, and collectively advocate for nature. We’re incredibly grateful to these organizations for their unwavering support. Together, we’ve amplified our message and reached more people. Without your continued support, we couldn’t continue making a positive impact and inspiring others to look around and understand the importance of protecting our Island.

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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